TomTom GO 5000 wrong map installed by MyDrive

Have here GO 5000, where the client did a free and legal map update before 5 years. But inside is “some like wrong map”. Description of map is EU WM No3D v946.6347. Navi works OK, but no way to update. MyDrive shows me map for Europe, the map is loaded to MyDrive, but in the moment when MyDrive need load to Go5000, basically nothing happend. My Drive looks like waiting for device. Waiting and waiting and nothing happend.

I did firmware update by MyDrive, no problem, firmware updated. I did voices update, no problem too. But map no way. I understand that MyDrive cant identify this map, so I cannot even delete by MyDrive. When I tried load other small map (Canada_alaska) with TTActivator, then the map was loaded, and device see this map, but not activate. But I can delete this map by MyDrive. I can delete or install any item (voices etc…) except map…

I cannot delete map by TTActivator too - the button for delete malp is not active/gray. Is any other way, how to delete this strange map from internal memory? :smiley: